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Release date:2019-01-03

    Universal stainless steel bellows (bellows) is a kind of high quality flexible pipe in modern industrial pipe. The universal stainless steel bellows are mainly composed of bellows and flange joints. The universal stainless steel bellows inner tube is provided with thin-walled stainless steel joints or flanges that are compatible with the joints or flanges of customer pipelines.
The bellows of bellows are formed by highly accurate plastic machining of extremely thin walled seamless or multiwelded stainless steel tubes. Because of the elastic characteristics of the bellows profile, the bellows have good softness and fatigue resistance, which makes it easy to absorb the cyclic load of various motion deformation, especially in the pipeline system, it has the ability to compensate for large displacement. In addition to the original production of excellent equipment for the production of corrugated tubes, our factory has a high technology automatic welding production line for corrugated tubes, which greatly improves the quality of corrugated tubes and makes the selection of corrugated tubes
Due to the production of corrugated pipe is the main parts of material adopting austenitic, hartz alloy, SS304, SS316L, TA2, S2205, S625, such as stainless steel, thus ensure the bellows good temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, corrugated pipe work temperature range is great, for oc - 196-600, using the corrugated pipe according to the selection of pipe with the corrosive medium by using stainless steel grades, can guarantee the corrosion resistance of the corrugated pipe.
Bellows have good softness, fatigue resistance, high temperature resistance, high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and many other characteristics, the service life is much higher, so it has a higher comprehensive economic benefits, with the development of modern industry, resistance to high temperature, resistance to high pressure bellows demand is growing.
Bellows scope of use: fully flexible conveying pipe is required to prevent vibration of the pipe, steam, gas, air, heavy oil, petroleum, chemicals and other types of use.


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