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Shanghai wide its chemical equipment Co., Ltd.

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  • I. the company's land conditions
       Shanghai wide, its the chemical equipment co., LTD. The plot is located in new district in Shanghai lingang fta green port economic park Lin hai highway road no. 6728, 104 plate, industrial land, covers an area of 20 mu, building area of 7200.81 ㎡, has now use 7200.81 ㎡, company is suitable for the standard production workshop, is the development of the Shanghai central south gate, the hometown of fish and rice.

    II. The company's production and business scope, technological process and main raw materials involved
       The main business scope of the project: titanium alloy, nickel alloy, hardenite alloy, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, zirconium, tetrafluoride, rubber and other high-end materials such as bellows, compensators, expansion joints, metal hose; The company's production process; Plate selection "GB/T4237", corrugated manufacturing "GB/T12777", "GB/T12522", "GB/T14525", "GB/T16749", non-destructive testing "NB/T47013.5", pipe preparation "GB/T9119", "HG/T20593", "JIS B 2238", "ASTM B16.5", welding process "whb-3001", test "SJ20895", inspection code "SJ20898", product inspection and delivery, etc.

    III. Company background
       Shanghai its meal all the chemical equipment co., LTD. Was established in 2005, the registered capital of 10 million yuan, the registered address of Shanghai fengxian green village forest east road no. 211, belong to the city developing enterprise, natural person sole proprietorship enterprise, in recent years, has obtained the national special equipment manufacturing license, certificate of quality management system, environmental management system certificate, and safety management system certificate, the ownership of the trademark, enterprise credit AAA certificate, Shanghai bureau of quality supervision, inspection certificate and other national patent applications for research and development of new products.

    Iv. Superior products of the company
       Advantages: titanium, nickel, harrods and stainless steel bellows are manufactured in full accordance with EJMA and national standards GB/ t12777-2019, GB/ t12522-2019, GB/ t14525-2019, GB/ t16749-2019, etc. Is the selection of raw materials, after the treatment of solid solution, product molding, tempering solid solution, quality control in line with the process level bellows. Good production technology good product good quality is first-class. The company has the best quality titanium alloy bellows hose resources and the majority of customer resources, through the accelerated expansion, to expand and strengthen the titanium alloy bellows market industry at the same time, further consolidate the industry so that our company's production of titanium alloy bellows become an important market forward.

    V. product series
       The company produces bellows of general axial type "SHCLA", series type "SHCLB", large pull rod type "SHCLH", universal hinge type "SHCLP", pressure balance type "SHCLE", high temperature duct type "SHCLS", metal hose type "SHCL", rubber soft type "SHCLT". Pressure rating design: -0.15mpa, PN0.25Mpa, PN0.6Mpa, PN1.0Mpa, PN1.6Mpa, PN2.5Mpa, PN4.0Mpa, depending on the temperature of minus -196° to 600°, safety fatigue life of 1000 = 100,000 times, is modern industrial heat grid, aerospace, power metallurgy, shipbuilding and textile, petrochemical, environmental protection equipment, etc.

Phone: 021-57563893 Fax: 021-37198783 Phone: 13916343800 Contact: Chen manager Address: No. 6728, Linhai Road, Fengxian District, Shanghai  Email: CL@shgqdz.com

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