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The structure and role of non-metallic compensator
Release date:2019-01-03
The non-metal compensator is mainly composed of 6 parts, including skin, stainless steel wire mesh, heat insulation cotton, heat insulation filler layer, frame and flow guide cylinder:
1, the skin is the main expansion of the non-metal compensator, is made of excellent performance of silicone rubber or high silicon oxygen polytetrafluoroethylene and alkali free glass fiber and other multi-layer composite, is a kind of high strength sealing composite material. Its function is to absorb the amount of expansion and prevent leakage of air and rainwater.
2, stainless steel wire mesh is the liner of the non-metallic compensator, prevent debris in the circulation medium into the compensator and prevent the insulation material in the compensator from dispersing outwards.
3, thermal insulation cotton is to take into account the non-metal compensator thermal insulation and air tightness of the dual role, it is made up of glass fiber cloth, high silicon oxygen cloth and all kinds of thermal insulation cotton felt, its length and width and outer skin is the same, with good elongation and tensile strength.
4, thermal insulation filler layer is the main guarantee of non-metal compensator heat insulation, it is composed of multi-layer ceramic fiber and other high-temperature resistant materials, its thickness can be determined by heat transfer calculation according to the temperature of the circulation medium and thermal conductivity of high-temperature resistant materials.
5. The frame is the outline bracket of the non-metal compensator to ensure sufficient strength and stiffness. The material of the frame should be adapted to the temperature of the medium. General under 400 ℃ with Q235 - A600 ℃ above use stainless steel or heat-resistant steel. Generally, there are flange pieces which are connected with the supporting parts.
6, the flow guide cylinder is to guide the flow and protect the heat insulation layer. The material should be consistent with the temperature of the medium. The material should be resistant to corrosion and wear. The guide tube shall not affect the displacement of the compensator.


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